Kevin Perrino, D.C. BCAO,C.C.S.P

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor

Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

NeckBone Pillows in Velour

  • Colors – blue and red
  • Soft velour fabric
  • Resilient and hypoallergenic polyester filling
  • 15 inches long and 7 inches high (15 inch center circumference)
  • Zipper access for customizing your level of support
  • Includes side handles for ease of placement and transport
  • Machine washable​





How can the NeckBone Pillow help your neck?

More specifically, the cervical vertebra is made up of seven parts and it is designed to have a healthy degree of curvature.  Should the curvature become lost, the body will not stack properly and negative issues will arise exponentially. Supporting the cervical spine after an Atlas Orthogonal treatment with the NeckBone can properly support your alignment.

NeckBone Pillows

The NeckBone is one of the most versatile support pillows available. The "bone" shaped pillow offers perfect support for the neck, lumbar region or between the knees during rest. Tried and true, the NeckBone remains a top choice among health care professionals.